Our wealth management firm serves a variety of clients. Whatever your financial goals and intentions, we can create a plan specifically tailored to meet your needs.

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Let Cambridge Capital Help Plan Your Retirement


For our clients who have reached retirement age, we offer wealth management strategies to help you maintain a comfortable cash flow now and for the future. We evaluate your needs and listen to your goals to help create a plan that fits your lifestyle. We can provide you with guidance to properly account for all of your income streams such as assets, pensions and social security so that you can make the most educated financial decisions.

At Cambridge Capital Management, we do not take a one-size-fits-all approach to wealth management. Instead, we intently listen to your goals and objectively identify your needs to help create a plan that works best for you.

We can provide you with guidance to properly account for all of your income streams such as assets, pensions and social security so that you can make the most educated financial decisions.

Come in and sit down with our team so that we can create a comprehensive plan to help you maintain a comfortable cash flow now and for the future.


If you plan to retire soon, there are many things to consider before you start converting your retirement assets into livable income. We can help you evaluate your current expenses and advise you on the best plan of action for managing your assets now to help you reach your lifestyle and financial goals in retirement.

Our team of advisors will help evaluate your current retirement assets and advise you on the most effective ways to convert those assets into livable income. We will conduct an in-depth projected cash flow analysis and provide you with objective strategies to help you reach your retirement goals.

Remember, as a fee-only firm, Cambridge Capital Management is committed to always looking out for your best interests and never conflicted by ulterior motives.


Many of our clients are still years from retiring, but want to actively plan for their financial future. If you are in the process of building your nest egg, our firm can help guide you with intelligent money management strategies and intuitive planning ideas. We will help create a personalized financial plan that takes into consideration your goals for growth in addition to your tolerance for risk.

Our team at Cambridge Capital Management is here to help you make smart investment decisions now so that your money can continue to work for you as you continue to work.

Our wealth management strategies are completely customized based on your personal financial goals and your individual risk tolerance. We want to spend time with you, talking about your vision for the future and helping you create a tangible plan for achieving your goals.


We realize that for most business owners, the business is their greatest asset. At Cambridge Capital Management, our knowledge, experience and resources allow us to sort through the complexities of your financial affairs to maximize your business’s potential. Along with your CPA and Attorney, our wealth managers can advise you on minimizing your tax liabilities, succession planning, executive compensation strategies and more.

If you are a business owner looking for an experienced financial firm to help guide your employees, Cambridge Capital Management also offers several options for employee retirement plan consulting.

Employee Enrollment Meetings

We can lead or help co-present at enrollment meetings to encourage plan participation and help employees choose appropriate deferral rates and investment elections. We can also provide online or printed educational materials for your employees.

Participant Education

We can provide a broad range of targeted online or printed investment education materials that address the varied needs of participants with different financial goals, life-stage issues, and levels of investment knowledge.

Participant Advisory Services

We can work directly with participants to help them evaluate their retirement savings goals and implement appropriate contribution amounts and investments available in the plan.


Unexpected changes in life can often catapult financial issues, either by presenting you with sudden prosperity, or with unintended struggle. If you are going through a divorce, have recently lost a loved one or otherwise experienced some financial windfall, developing a plan is extremely important. You will be faced with decisions that will have a significant and lasting impact on your future financial wellbeing.

Our financial advisors are here to help you sort through your affairs, identify any problems or issues, and prioritize the decisions that must be made at a pace that is comfortable for you. In these times, it is important to have a trusted partner who is familiar with such situations.